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After I left the message for you yesterday, I retrieved a printed copy
for myself and it was full of typos, even though I had corrected the
typos before transmitting to you. So my questiohn is:
did you receive the note filled with typos? If you did, then how do I
make corrections on this?
Jeff has tried to explain ways that I can use Xywrite more effectively,
but although I've used the program for about three years, I use it very
simply. I don't really know much about opening windows, etc.
   I use Xywrite for Newsweek work and do all of my writing on a
disk. Then the disk is messengered to Newsweek's offices. I never write
directly onto the hard drive, although perhaps I should be. As I use
this BBS, I'll probably have many questions about Xywrite.
   Another question: if I'm working on a story, is it okay to ask
others for any information they may have on a topic?
   And, finally, what *other* Charlie White do you know?
   Oh, one more thing, this system of communication doesn't register
laughter. What a pity!!
   Until later,