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I have a different sort of question. I'm a longtime Xyuser, now using 4.014,
and thinking about the relative advantages of upgrading my computer and

I know this is difficult to quantify...but how much of a speed improvement
should I see in moving from a 16MHZ 386sx to a 50mhz 486, from 2 megs RAM to 8?

I'm especially interested in the speed of shelling to and from my phone
database program. Now, it takes about 3 seconds before the program is in the
cache, 2 when it's loaded.

Secondly, I'm thinking about monitors. I've always used a standard B andW. I
plan to go VGA, but I was wondering about the real-world benefits of color v. B
and W. I find color screens distracting--but people tell me that it's harder on
the eyes than current generation VGA, and that some software does not display
adequately on gray scale.

Has anybody made that journey from mono to color? Care to comment?


jim besser jbesser@xxxxxxxx