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Knowing next to nothing about Postscript

So I'm in Paris with my ancient laptop--running XyDos4.017 under OS/2 with
8meg of memory. Works fine. But I didn't schlep a printer; the apartment
where I'm staying is the apartment of a (vacationing) computer consultant,
so I thought.... What is here is an Apple postscript printer, aka,
personal laser writer. I don't have OS/2 drivers for it with me and i
certainly don't have appropriate XyWrite drivers. Is there some simple
way to print to it--I don't want fancy, just drafts, albeit with
footnotes. I certainly wouldn't mind if someone attached a prn file to a
message to me.


"What would life be without arithmetic, but a scene of horrors?"
            -Rev. Sydney Smith, letter to young lady, 22 July 1835

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