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>...to keep continuous feed labels in the dot matrix printer...
   This is a great idea which is sometimes not such a great
idea. In some dot-matrix printers the labels travel down-and-
around a roller in their trip through the machine. This path
offers the labels an opportunity to begin peeling while they're
under that roller. During printing, this backward flex lasts
for only a moment before the labels exit the machine. If,
however, the machine sits idle with the labels threaded through
it, a label may capitulate to the contortion, leave its carrier-
paper, and grab onto whatever-is-near. Jam!
   Buy good quality labels as they seem to cling to that
carrier-strip better than the cut-rate labels. (Avery 1"x3.5"
are available extraord cheap at Office Max).
   Look into your printer and notice whether you can easily
remove the large roller, for this is where a jam occurs (lighter
fluid is an effective label solvent and comes in a convenient
squirt can).
   Consider simply unloading the printer a the end of each
day: just a few seconds' bother can forestall such a headache!
   I know that you didn't ask this question, but I answered it
anyway. The good folks here at "Mr. Kisor's Neighborhood" have
helped me to avoid the unforeseen, so now it's my turn to do
the same!