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Thanks. I am well aware of the various caveats involved with
continuous feed lables as print thousands of them weekly. Since I
print labels daily, I doubt there's much concern regarding leaving them
in the printer. I do use only top quality labels, and I know many
places to purchase them cheaply (Elek-Tek, the Warehouse Club, and in
the current catalog CompUSA had new low prices). While my roller
*cannot* be removed readily (the printer is a Toshiba P351 original
model - five years old), I have found various ways to remove jammed
labels without too much difficulty (my labels jammed occurred mostly in
my early days of label printing before I learned what not to do with
them, and when someone other than me uses the printer and removes
them). The reason I'd like to leave them in is that my desktop is very
crowded - 2 large printers (LJIII & the Toshiba), and a large-sized AT
compatible system all on the desk (yes, its a large desk), and its
difficult to get behind the printer to change forms.