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Re: OT: Bootable disk images [RAID]

I suppose it depends what your needs are. Disk mirroring is designed to maintain system integrity
in the event of a hard drive failure. It does not make the need for regular backup redundant and
will not prevent the operating system being screwed up. I have had a couple of hard drive failures
in the last five years and had been maintaining a second drive to which I copied files from the
main drive. Under those conditions mirroring seemed worth trying.

My point in the post, however, was that a raid card will provide an inexpensive way of creating an
identical copy of a system disk. You would install the card and the second drive, set up a raid
mirroring array, copy disk one to disk two, dissolve the array, and there should then be two
identical drives. In situations where a drive is being changed or a new system being inaugurated,
when the system is going to be pulled apart, it would not cause any great hardship.

Paul Breeze

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