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      No one has mentiond it before but those who copiously contribute to the XyWrite list, will find that if they combine all that they have written and the replies they received, will surely run into hundreds of pages.

    This will certainly apply to Patricia, J R Fox, Robert and Carl, and many others. In other words Xysearch has volumes of information.
  And while I am waxing in this gushing, pompus, bombastic and graphic mode, let me say, and the members will not doubt reiterate these words: U2 is a bewildering, dazzling treasure house of wonderful, magical, inspired and innovative goodies that brings logic, that most sought after commodity, into the spheres of the mind. In many cases it preempts many of our flashes of inspiration in moulding XyWrite to fit our every needs, like the genie of Aladdin's lamp.
 I thought I was bright, even though I am in my seventies, when I though of callnext, decoding and encoding XpL programs, the need to tag and log files, and the global merging of files, global renaming of files etc., and yet it was already there in U2, or the gurus could quickly create programs that satisfies our needs and brain waves.
     What truly amazes me, is the fountain or source that enables the gurus to come up with their genius. Apparently they are attunned to life's wisdom and can telepathically tune into xyWrite kindred spirits who are charging the very ethers of life with thought provoking ideas.
    It is said in the realms of seership, that coming events cast their shadows before.