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Carl, The /E switch when executing EDITOR allows the user to control whether of
not the program will use expanded memory, as well as the amout of expanded
memory the user would like to use. By default the program will use up to 4 meg
of expanded. If you want to prevent the program from using any, load the
program from DOS as follows:


If you want to use 1 meg of expanded use:


If you allow the program to make use of expanded memory, dictionary, help, menu
and overflow files will be processed with the page-frame setup of expanded

Your syntax for accessing an alternate startup file is correct. I have tested
this feature in both 4.01 and 4.011 with proper results. Are you executing this
from the same directory as EDITOR.EXE?? Not knowing how different your startup
files are, try creating an alternate startup file which simply goes to the
command line and produces a string of text (as a test) and try again.

If you want *Func UD* to work without the Dialog file/Menu file, you need to
set the default D1=0 in Settings.dfl. Reference page 18 of the Customization
Guide for more info on this default. If you are running the original release
(4.01, not 4.011) you should update your revision as the Undelete feature had

Concerning the problem with your 160K .U2 file, I would recommend that you
upload the file to the the attention of SysOp. This file size should not
encounter a memory problem. The "too many program calls" message indicates the
program code as the problem. I will try to reproduce the problem wit your file
and get back ASAP.

Finally, the VA$CL is a new command which follows the philosophy of the
commands VA$CM and IS00 to a certain extent. The diffs are as follows:

IS00 - grabs any argument from the command line during the running of a
program. For example, RUN TEST.PGM 1000...this value of 1000 can be passed into
the TEST.PGM program.

VA$CL - grabs information from the command line such as load commands, etc. For
example, if you had a program which executed BC load test.prnXC and you only
wish to pick up the load command and the filename (but not the function calls).

VA$CM - grabs all information from the command line as in the previous example,
as well as the function calls. The exception to this is where you would use the
BX command instead of BC.