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Mr. DiStefano, I hope the following information is helpful to you.
 There is a flyer and brochure package which details all the information on
the XyWrite 4.0 product available through the Technology Group in MD. Please
contact them at 410-576-2040 or fax 410-576-1968. Our marketing folks have
moved down there, as have all marketing materials. Also, make sure they have
your current address in their database, as you should have recieved the mailing
last week.
 The long and short of it is that XyWrite 4.0 is the Signature base engine
with a host of XyWrite III+ compatibility settings, added support for Orbis
(text search/retrieval) and IBid (bibliography database). There have been
performance enhancements to the engine, and support for the old Microlytics
dictionary and Thesaurus are back. The upgrade pricing is layed out on the
brochure, and varies depending on what modules you desire, how recently you
bought XyWrite III+ or Signature, and when you order 4.0.
 As far as we know here, there are currently no plans to add the Linqua
functions to XyWrite 4.0. This may be on the drawing board for the future, but
-More- Orbis and Ibid are the two major modules being addressed in the first release
of XyWrite 4.0.

Steve C. Technical Services