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Re: query

>Hello. I e-mailed to subscribe to this list a few days ago, I'm assuming
>the request went through, as I got no reply to contrary.

Wow, another occasional golf writer! Greetings, John.

>I'm new to being part of a list. Is there a FAQs file? Is there an info
>for newcomers file?

If your subscription was successful, you should have gotten a general
info response from the listserv daemon. I'll forward one to you.

>My main immediate concern is finding someway to translate my XyWrite files
>into Microsoft Word, which all my publishers now demand (I'm a magazine
>journalist by profession). This must be a very frequently asked question.
>Is there some shareware I could download, or something on the market to

Someone else who knows more about it can tell you. I think you can
import Xy files straight into Word and then convert from within W
before you send; but I think the going method is to use a Xy filter to
convert the file to RTF before importing it to Word.

Fortunately I haven't been asked to submit in Word format. Seems kind
of silly, doesn't it?

--Rafe (Ray) Tennenbaum