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Re: query

John Paul Newport asks about converting XyWrite files to Microsoft Word.
Word has a pretty poor selection of conversions built in, but XyWrite's
is not bad, at least if you are using a current version (DOS 4.017, Win

I do it all the time for Word Perfect 8, and don't lose much in the way
of formatting; you do have to delete some otiose formatting codes (how
you would do that in Word, I have no idea). Someone else may have
experience with Word; if you don't get details, I would advise trying to
export as RTF (=Microsoft Rich Text) and Word for Windows, and seeing
which loses least formatting. If it won't do the conversion, that is
probably because you didn't install the filters (independent executable
WordForWord files) when you installed the program. You should find,
normally in your \XY\FILTERS directory, W4W05F.EXE and w4w05T.EXE for
Word, and W4W19F.EXE and W4W19T.EXE for RTF; the Windows versions are
DLL instead of EXE. If they weren't installed, a partial custom install
should take care of it.

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