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Re: getting past login

Reply to note from Harry Binswanger  Tue, 15 Mar
2011 10:17:16 -0700

> I can't imagine any speed difference unless some setting in 4
> is not right. Maybe Carl can speak to that.

Sure there's a speed difference. Xy3 is faster. But with modern
processor speeds, the difference, in my opinion, is insignificant,
and outweighed by the greater capabilities of Xy4: bigger files and
DeFined blocks, greatly improved memory management, expanded command
set, enhanced XPL, menus if you want them, extensibility via U2,
etc., etc., all with almost-complete backward compatibility with

If you opt for Xy4, the *only* version to use is v4.018. There is NO
reason to use earlier versions; they have bugs that were ironed out
by v4.017 (4.018 adds a Y2K fix).

Carl Distefano