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Re: getting past login

Myth. I don't see how speed could ever be a factor when the basic code is written in assembly language for computers ten thousand times slower than ours. 
Xy4 is not a rewrite but an add on to xy3. When iciest started using 4 I also thought it was buggy. Turned out it was user error. Try it in parallel with 3 and see if you notice any difference. By the way my opinion of 4 is shared by both of the super gurus on this list, Carl and Robert. 

One great feature of 4 is wildcard search and replace. Extremely useful. 

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Harry, I appreciate all your help and expertize, but you have me puzzled on one thing...I could swear I've read in a dozen places that IV is buggy and slow compared to III...is this true? Or is it which version of IV one has? Or was this just complaining from diehard III's who didn't want to change?

Best, Charles

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Harry, it's taken me this long to upgrade from 3.55 to 3.58b, so 
don't hold yer breath. "Never change a running system."

3.55 to 3.58 isn't even an upgrade.

If you use Xy only once every couple of months, stick with what you know. But more frequently than that, I'd urge getting 4 because: a) there's actually more support here for 4 than for 3, b) operationally, from a user-perspective (rather than a power user's) you probably couldn't tell which one you were using.

Harry Binswanger