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Re: young and notabene


Thanks for your questions.

Printable help files for Scholar's Workstation, version 5.5 have been
compiled by two NB users (Mary Bernard and Rick Penticoff) and are
available in NB format at http://users.moscow.com/rpenticoff/nb

 Version 6.0 will be ready later this year, probably November. The
upgrade cost will be $99 for Scholar's Workstation or $129 for Lingua
Workstation. If you would like to have it sooner, we are selling a
"pre-release" version now. The price is the same, and it is available
only as an upgrade (we are not yet selling it to new customers). If you
purchase the pre-release version, you will automatically get an upgrade
to the release version when it is available. We do not yet have this as
an option on the secure order forms on our web page, but you can order
by calling the office (numbers below) or by making a note of it in the
comments box in the web order forms.

The pre-release is not a finished product and may have bugs,
particularly in the new features. The documentation will certainly have
some rough edges. However, it has been in beta testing for over 6
weeks, so most of the bugs have already been fixed. Typically those who
purchase pre-release versions are our friends and supporters and we
invite them to submit reports of any bugs or problems that they
encounter, though there is no obligation to do so.

Version 6.0 upgrade is free only to those who purchased version 5.5
after October 8, 2001.


Anne Putnam
President, Nota Bene Associates, Inc.
1-800-4NB-ORDER (1-800-462-6733)
212-334-0845 (fax)

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From: "Morris Krok" 
Sent: Sunday, October 21, 2001 5:37 PM
Subject: young and notabene

> from Morris
>       Young for Life should write his program in XY3 as there
> persons in the group that will make the changes for Xy4.
>   I have just downloaded the 5.5 upgrade for Notabene. Using Netzip
> took at least 30 minutes, so I do not know if my modem is out of date.
> was a 9000K file, so this may be the reason. What I would like Anne to
> me, is what I must do to print a manual for it, and when version 6.00
> ready will I be able to upgrade free to it as well.