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A Vapour of SmartWorders

> To reiterate the question in a more pointed form: did anyone here know how
> to recall a loaded string for editing last week?

As a real klutz at XPL, I did not know how to do it, although I
assumed it could be done if needed.  Could you post a sample or
two of routines that use this? My normal programming style is to
start with someone else's work and convert it into something I need!

.....and welcome to the list. The more the merrier. Although
occasionally snappy, on the whole we seem to be a friendly and
helpful pack.

One of my Christmas presents this year was the wonderful book
*An Exaltation of Larks* by James Lipton. Does anyone have any
thoughts on an appropriate collective noun for a pack of
programmers or a disappearance of XyWriters? Presumably we
could have a vapour of SmarWorders.