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Re: Off topic: XP backup programs

Somebody on the National Association of Science Writers list recommended
Handy Backup http://www.handybackup.com/features.shtml which is
disk-spanning, for $30.

If you want free, here's one that I tracked down but haven't evaluated:

From: NoNags http://www.nonags.com/ Freeware and shareware
Backup programs http://www.ded.com/nonags/diskbk.html
RKopie 1.1 for Win9x/NT4/ME/Win2k/XP (637 kb) Sep 09, 2002
http://home.hccnet.nl/s.j.francke/rkopie/rkopie.htm Author: Sam Francke
RKopie is a program to create and manage customized backup jobs. Some
features: as many customized backup jobs as you need; zip compatible
archive files; add folders and/or separate files to your job; include or
exclude masks for simple adding files; simple edit backup jobs; delete
files from archive file; span disks; extract from backup file; drag and
drop; full info about backup jobs; New: log file and run from command line.

It might be a good idea before you use a backup program to search for it on
Google groups to see if anybody has been reporting an inordinate number of


At 09:21 AM 11/5/03 -0800, Jay Harlow wrote:
>Anyone know of a good, cheap (preferably free) program for regular file
>to CD-R under WinXP? Apparently MS's own Backup file won't do it.
>Responses off list are probably best. Thanks, jh
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