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Beginner .kbd syntax question

After a Windows 10 update disaster I had to do a clean install and used VDosXY 110 this time.  SO easy.

I see there's a new clipboard trick which works fine from the command line. SAD/NV LPT4

I want to assign it to a key, of course, but I've forgotten how the .kbd codes work. I've tried to blindly imitate a couple of them like

44=XH,JM,(,S,A,D,/,N,V, ,L,P,T,4,), which gives me Frame Not Found SAD/NV LPT4,

and 44=NOJM2,.,S,A,D,/,N,V, ,L,P,T,4,Q2  which does nothing.

Can someone give me the right formula?  Much appreciated.

Jon Pareles