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RE: your subject headers and spam/Xywrite: zc=Zero Capitalizatio n

I see no problem with status quo. And what would upenn add that is any more
distinctive than the listserve address?


Paul Ambos

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> Subject:	RE: your subject headers and spam/Xywrite: zc=Zero
> Capitalization
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> That said, I could investigate the possibility of inserting some kind of
> "[XyWrite]" tag into the subject headers of all messages sent by the
> listproc.
> As far as I can determine (and I've looked into it in the past), this is
> not
> something that I, as list "owner", can control from my desktop; it would
> require action by the U.Penn. SysOp. Given the prevailing tempora and
> mores,
> it may be worth asking for.
> What does the collective think?
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