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Re: your subject headers and spam/Xywrite: zc=Zero Capitalizatio n

** Reply to message from cld@xxxxxxxx (Carl Distefano) on Fri, 14 Nov 2003
14:01:34 +0000

> Quoting ArtL7@xxxxxxxx:
> > in the subject header we don't know for sure it's from the Xywrite people,
> > and the From: listing is from the person's individual e-mail, not from the
> > Xywrite list.
> We've been over that. Didn't you read the thread that your initial comment
> generated -- or maybe your mail server bounced part of it? (I had the usual
> 5-10 error messages from you yesterday.) In case you missed it, you can read
> the complete thread here: [URL]

Or better, since some of the Subject lines had spelling errors (including this
message, for consistency and so that all messages thread properly in XySearch),
they don't all appear if you search on "zc=Zero Capitalization" (you also need
"zc=Zero Capitalizatio n"), so go here:


and go to the very *bottom* of the page -- the whole overblown discussion is
collected there. It's really such a pie-simple matter: Filter on "To:", not
"From:"; and steer all XyWrite mail into a separate folder. Every single
message sent to any of us by CCAT/UPenn says "xywrite@xxxxxxxx" in
the "To:" header. Every single one! All problems solved. No more thinking
about who it's from, no worrying about spam. This is a CLOSED mail list!
There isn't any spam here.

Another way to read the list is simply via XySearch. I use it when I'm
travelling sans computer. It's the equivalent of a daily digest -- only easier
to get to, from anywhere, and to read (because of threading).

Robert Holmgren