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Re: [SPAM ?] death to word

Try to avoid keyboard-specific references (e.g., ctrl-t). We
all have different key assignments.

The easiest way to get, say, 10.3 pt text is to go to the command line and enter
sz 10.3pt
On 5/15/2012 8:22 PM, Frank Brownlow wrote:
I agree with all the strictures re. Word, which is now really intolerable, but was never--in comparison with Xy--satisfactory.  Like others among us I've been using NB, which is fine except that the tables commands are still apt to clutter things up, and from the type-setting end I miss very much the fully scaleable  type setting commands in Xy.   And I've forgotten how to turn a XY4 file into a .pdf.

Frank Brownlow
Maybe I'm missing some of the meaning, but I seem to be able to have fully scaleable fonts in NB. You can't use the Format/Font window, however, except for whole numbers (9,10,17,24 etc.) but if you put the cursor before the size you want to change, hit F9, and ask for 10.3 or 15.7, or whatever size you want, and then hit F10, NB will give you what you ask for.

You can also, of course, go into Codes view, and make the appropriate changes there.

XyWrite's Ctrl-T command is, granted, a bit easier.

Nicholas Clifford