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Re: hardcode.pgm

There used to be a PRN file (I don't know if it is
still distributed or not, I still have my "old"
copy) called STRIP.PRN that was supposed to do
just that.
Dick Giering

Bill Troop wrote:
> Ages ago, there was a program called hardcode.pgm that was supposed to
> remove all variables, like counters, and put in hard codes, to make your
> export to other formats foolproof. I tried this program many times, but
> could never get it to work. Could anyone tell me if there is either (1) a
> version of hardcode that really works or (2) a more limited program that
> will just take the counters (like , , etc.) and convert them into
> their hard equivalents? I would be grateful to have a workable solution to
> this problem. I often need to draft a list with auto numbers, but then if I
> have to export it, I have a problem. Thanks.