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Word Count Across Files

Paul Breeze and other U2 users:

Paul's recent query about U2 frame WCAF -- Word Count Across Files -- led me to develop a companion
routine, WCAFF, which works on multi-megabyte files, supports long filenames, is considerably faster,
and has other improvements. It's in the current (2018-12-30) release of the Jumbo U2, and requires that
the AutoIt script WCAFF.A3X (in U2EXTRAS.ZIP) be present in Editor's directory. The usage is:

WCAFF current_file|filespec|DIR_list|@listfile<Helpkey>

The word counts are close, but not identical, to those of XyWrite's WC command. The main difference is
that, in WCAFF, I've opted to treat hyphenated words as a single word (WC counts the individual words),
and so WCAFF counts tend to be somewhat lower. If this runs afoul of some industry standard, I can
change it.

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Carl Distefano