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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2019!

Here is some useful information for subscribers to the XyWrite mailing
list (

(1) Subscriptions, etc.
To subscribe, unsubscribe, or manage your subscription, go here:
Next to "User Options", type in your e-mail address; use the
pulldown menu to select the desired option, then click "Go".

(2) Archives
To browse or search List archives (June 2009 to the present), go here:

(3) XyWWWeb
To download the Jumbo U2 customization file for XyWrite 4 and later, and
for a wealth of other XyWrite-related information, go here:
For a miscellany of XyWrite-related downloads and other files of
possible interest:

(4) vDosPlus
Wengier Wu's vDosPlus is a great way for users of XyWrite for DOS,
Nota Bene for DOS, and other DOS programs to enjoy their favorite
programs in a 64-bit Windows world. For detailed information, visit the
vDosPlus home page:

(5) vDosPlus Installer for XyWrite
The Installer is easiest way for XyWriters to get started with vDosPlus.
Download the latest edition of the Installer here:

(6) XyWrite Utilities
For information about other virtualization options and other useful
links for users of XyWrite and Nota Bene for DOS, visit Kari Eveli's
Utility page:

(7) And Finally...
November will mark 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Remember
with Leonard Bernstein's performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony ("Freude" ==>
"Freiheit") in Berlin, just east of the Brandenburg Gate, on Christmas Day, 1989:

Happy New Year!

Carl Distefano