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#110009-XyWrite III+

Drew, I just upgraded my Oki Laser Line 6 printer from HP Laserjet emulation to
HP Laserjet Plus emulation. I have looked at 3HP-Plus.prn (as well as the
3HPLaser.prn which I *have* been using), and I do not understand what I am
supposed to do for the new Plus emulation.

Am I supposed to ADD the 3hp-plus.prn file to the 3hplaser.prn file? What does
the plus file add to my capabilities?

Also, in case you did not see my message to another user, has Glenn or anyone
else at xyq worked out the problem with centering 14 point Helvetica type? Can
I beta test the new .prn file for you? All 14 point Helvetica type now has to
be manually centered by trial and error. jrb