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#110075-Reloading XyIII+ Memory

Hence, I have a SCREEN.PRN that ONLY holds my screen attributes for that
particular machine. STARTUP.INT sets all of my defaults in a one-liner:

 BC default bk=0,nw=1,ej=1,lf=1,ts=0,dr=i,hy=0,lm=0,rm=79

I then load my keyboard and SCREEN.PRN. I load a few programs into Alt-keys,
and finish off with an UNLOAD 0.

I don't bother to load speller or help, and since I don't print all the time, I don't even load a
printer file, having set my system defaults in the one-liner.

In this system, the only file unique to a machine is SCREEN.PRN. Ergo, if I
make a change to my keyboard or change to STARTUP.INT, I can copy it to all
machines and be off and running... connie

P.S. As you'll note, then, I don't really load any PRN files except for