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#110381-3.5-Inch Disk Mogambo

Go figure. I tried Joan's suggestion today (about DOS caching the directory of
the floppy and not really doing a new DIR right after DSing the 720K disk in
A), and I still got the same results--DS did its thing, but the directory
didn't change--whether I left the disk in or removed it between any of the
steps. But the disk in question was one that was formatted on the DG/One,
because my initial experience of the problem was when the DG/One barfed on a
disk formatted on the Model 60.

 It's Gregor Mendel time: I'll get some beige disks, and I'll get some little blue disks, and I'll put this group over here and that group over there, and in six or eight generations (how fast do these things reproduce, anyway?) I'll breed this nasty trait out of them. Their color will probably be muddy brown, unfortunately, but we can try for Best of Show later.

 I'll report back after I experiment some more.