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The printer file: I converted the 3.1 file with your kbd.pgm. I then added the attributes, DELETE AND INSERT. I got an out of memory message. Now you know I run a huge printer file because I sent a copy to you, but it will load in 3.1 even with ATTR DELETE AND INSERT present

I finally deleted a couple of MD lines and now it loads but I have nowhere near the 300 MD's allowed. Or is it 300 lines of anything to the .prn file? And why okay in 3.1 and not okay in 3.51?

The keyboard file: I use the SYSREQ KEY No other DOS PGM that I know of can use the key. I use it like a CONTROL KEY. In fact, for cursor movement it's great instead of the two handed c Control - cursor key combos. If I quit XYWRITE and run say Xtree or Norton and then reload XYWRITE, I am in trouble. If the first key I hit is in the SYSREQ TABLE, but I'm not touching the Sysreq key just the letter "e" (for edit) or "c" (for call), I will get the program that is on that letter in the SYSREQ TABLE.... KAPISH? If I hit a key that has no function in the sysreq table I get nothing on the command line. This problem only occurs when I quit the program, run something, and then then reload the program. From a fresh start after reboot there is no problem.... If you print this message out and share it with Susan K. I would appreciate it....

Thanks, --- JAY