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XyWrite & SC

I discovered an interesting, but solvable, problem last night with XyWrite 3.51
and Software Carousel 2.01. Like several people here I had set my SC hot key
as RSHIFT and my JOB KEYS as the cursor pad keys. Upon installing XYW 3.51 I
noticed that when I shifted back into XYW, normally partition 5, from
partitions 2 and 8, the commands I had assigned in XYW to shift-up and
shift-down would be executed. In my case this would either capitalize or
un-capitalize the word in which the cursor was residing. However, when
switching back from partition 7 or 1, for example, I had no problems. The
commands assigned to shift-home and shift-end were not invoked--or so I

I must add I'm using my SUPER.KBD file from 3.1, which I modified according to
XyQuest's guidelines. To set things up the same, I changed shift-up in my file
to read "72= <cr>" just like it appeared in the new SUPER.KBD file. When I used
my file I would get a space entered into the text upon returning from a
partition swap, but when using XyQuest's SUPER.KBD a space was not entered.

This drove me crazy until I determined, by viewing the file with LIST62A, that
XyQuest was not inserting a space after the equals for key 72, but rather was
inserting a NUL. If I went back and changed shift-up in my file to a NUL, the
partition swap was accomplished without a problem.

As you know the standard shift-keypad commands under SUPER.KBD relate to
columns. Therefore, as long as you are NOT working with columns when you make
a partition jump, you shouldn't have any problems. But, for example, if you
are in the right column and jump to partition 4 (left arrow), XYW will issue the table column left
command, TL, when you return.

The only way around this I have discovered is to change shift keys 71, 72, 73,
75, 76, 77, 79, 80, 81 and 82 to NULs and move the column commands to other
keys. Or change SC, which creates other problems--at least for me.