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Re: The Future of XyWrite

>is a niche market product, and I don't begrudge it that. The
real question >today is, which niche market will be XyWrite's?
  I know this is totally crazy, and will undoubtedly get me
flamed, but anyway --- I've been playing with Geos lately (Annie
made me do, I swear!) and it is such a nice little GUI with an
excellent wp (limited, but very good) and is, for all practical
purposes, been abandoned by its makers. If
TTG really wanted to create a fabulous market niche -- it could buy
Geosworks, which is mostly into OS's for PDAs, meld XY into Geos
with a stripped down version for PDAs (like the PCMCIA card
vversion of XY3 that was being sold awhile back) and have the
slickest system on the market -- and one that would run under
windoz, OS/2, DOS, Linux (a lot of Linux users run Geos, or at
least Geowrite) --- not to mention the PDA market.
Integrated filemanager, com, fax, etc., the whole shootin' match
-- elegant, fast, small, slick.
  Sigh! Well, I can dream, can't I?

-- Harmon Seaver hseaver@xxxxxxxx hseaver@xxxxxxxx

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