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The Future of XyWrite

A lot of subscribers, in response to Ken Frank's post on the
upcoming release of a new XyWrite, have commented on the
shortcomings of the present Windows product and have expressed
admiration and nostalgia for the DOS products (including those
who run them under OS/2 and Windows). The point is, TTG has made
it clear that XyWrite is destined to become a Windows
application. Period.

The question of OS aside, I am troubled by the lack of "market
direction" that I (and PC Magazine, apparently) perceive. Why
*should* someone buy XyWrite for Windows today? PC Mag
recommneded it only for people who already owned XyWrite for
DOS. That's a very bad signal for those of us who love XyWrite
and who want it to succeed. I have already said that I feel
XyWrite is a niche market product, and I don't begrudge it that.
The real question today is, which niche market will be

Doug Beeson
EDI World Institute
Montreal, Quebec, Canada beesond@xxxxxxxx