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Re: Using XyWrite file in Word and saving as text document

--- "Patricia M. Godfrey"  wrote:

> Unfortunately, Tbird stores the WHOLE inbox in one
> huge file. Unless
> one deliberately does File->SaveAs, and assigns a
> name. Not just
> today's inbox, but every e-mail I've received and
> haven't deleted
> since I started using the app on this machine.

Yeah, I think Mozilla does the same thing, and this is
familiar going way back, so it may be a longstanding
Netscape-family tradition. There is also a big,
separate index file for the block mail file. (This is
in contrast to certain other mail programs that store
discrete messages, but obviously VERY MANY of them.)
I have at least one mail file that must be pushing 85
meg.s at this point. And that's probably not even
humongously large, as these things go.

That said, I have never had great difficulty in
dealing with this, thanks to ZTree. It has no problem
much larger files than that, searching to find a
string know to be part of what you wanted, nor in
defining a particular block, nor in exporting said
block to a new file. I've done this to extract
attached JPEGs or Zipfiles that were part of the mail
stream, not just with text. You just need to know
where the Start and End points are. (Nothing yoou've
mentioned would qualify for treatment of the relevant
material as other than "text", near as I can tell.)
So, the immediate question is: Don't you have *some*
program that is capable of doing likewise ?