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Re: Decoding and Mozilla (was Re: Enter Key / Selection by cursor)

** Reply to message from "M.C."  on Fri, 28 Jan 2005 06:39:18

> I love the duplicate arrows/Home/PgUp/End/PgDn set, close to the Enter
> key. The Omnikey Plus is the only keyboard that includes that feature
> (AFAIK).

The Avant Stellar looks like this:


in other words, "duplicate arrows/Home/PgUp/End/PgDn set" plus duplicate row of
function keys at the top. The only differences with the two pictures are
beside the *spacebar*: to the left instead of "" there's a dedicated (but
reprogrammable) "Windows key", and to the right there are four, not three, keys
-- instead of "*" there's a right "Windows key" and the "alternate Windows
key". The Ultra Plus doesn't have these duplicate Fkeys (which are
reprogrammable too -- in other words, you can completely change the character
mapping of the keyboard (swap Ctrl and CapsLock etc etc), but you can also
assign macros to any key, i.e. a string of characters or an action of some sort.

> the Programmable MCK-142 (sold under
> different several labels) could be an alternative

Interesting-looking keyboard. Good reviews too. How much is that one?
USDollar is getting cheaper, as you know...

Robert Holmgren