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Re: Decoding and Mozilla (was Re: Enter Key / Selection by cursor)

Robert Holmgren wrote:

Most Xywrite msgs are around 2-4Kb (small). POPs ARE separate files -- when
sent, while in transit, and on your ISP's server. If Mozilla decides to
amalgamate them into one big file, I call that a fundamental problem. I import
individual Email msgs daily into XyWrite -- can't imagine not being able to do
that. However... whatever...

You're using Polarbar, am I right?

As Harry pointed out, at Tibbetts' prices, you are getting very close to an
Avant Stellar. And an Avant Stellar is a really good keyboard. I've never had
one of them quit on me -- and I have about ten of them (one for every computer,
and also in different locations where I spend substantial time). Northgates
DID quit -- they had a predictable lifespan, in my environment (I don't have a
light touch, plus beer, food, ashes, dandruff, all kinds of crud). Not that
many years of life, maybe 4 or so. I tossed a LOT of Northgates in the trash. (Now wish I hadn't done that...)

I love the duplicate arrows/Home/PgUp/End/PgDn set, close to the Enter
key. The Omnikey Plus is the only keyboard that includes that feature (AFAIK). If I am unable to get one, the Programmable MCK-142 (sold under different several labels) could be an alternative choice to the Avant Stellar.

Harry made another good point: Keyboard monitor printer -- those three things are worth a bit extra -- your fingers, your eyes, and the result of your labors. My 2ยข.

I completely agree. It looks like a classical quotation.

Best regards, Manuel Castelao