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≪I haven't written but used my own remedy for the 64K move: chunks. Put
them into its own file, and merge it into whatever. The merge command
isn't limited to 64K. An XPL would automate the task.≫

Thanks, Chet. To do that, a routine that does the arithmetic to jump a
specified number of chars (with defaults) from the cursor position is
part of a set of v3 xpl block utilities I wrote (namely, !B) that are in
the xylist archive. Cleaner than scrolling to the hateful "cannot scroll
or define" msg, as I used to do too often.

≪If you set up v4 to be a imitation of v3.5 (by dropping 4's DFL file,
keyboard file, etc.), it becomes much more like the "real thing." :) ≫

Alas, after that's done, Sig/v4 changes to CMline behavior remain. As for
your other remarks--well, some people just ain't got no couth, but
weren't among those who expressed interest in your solutions. ... Ciao. 	--a

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