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XY-> Chet: I edited out the snotty part.  Thanks for the further
 -> explanation--although I think it a bit unfair to others who asked for
 -> clarification for you to use my impatience as a reason to withhold the
 -> code from them. And your remedy for the v3.5 64k move limit?

Thanks, Annie, for cutting your snotty parts. :)

As to whether I'm being unfair, I put it to you, is this the
sort of group that you'd wish to share code that you worked
very hard to achieve - even if a while ago? The open attitude
everyone has toward each OS . . . the acceptance of other
viewpoints . . . the professional regard one has for
another . . . the sheer "friendliness" of it all . . . ?

I haven't written but used my own remedy for the 64K move:
chunks. Put them into its own file, and merge it into whatever.
The merge command isn't limited to 64K. An XPL would automate
the task.

XY-> v4 solutions to these v3 limits don't render v3 work-arounds irrelevant.

If you set up v4 to be a imitation of v3.5 (by dropping 4's DFL
file, keyboard file, etc.), it becomes much more like the "real
thing." :)


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