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Re: Ignorant keyboard question

"Yo Intl." wrote:

> NoteTab! A powerful, fast and free little html editor. Very
> straightforward, very much in the XYwrite philosophy. Not a substitute for
> XY of course, but definitely one for the contraption that comes with
> Windows ("Write", was it?).

Does NoteTab run only under Windows ? I have been looking for a mini-HTML editor
for some time, preferably one that could be called up very quickly from other
programs -- such as my file manager app., which tends to always be running -- and
be able to show HTML pretty much the way a browser would. Of course, I could
always call up the file in Netscape, but that takes a few seconds to load, and it
is sort of the difference between reaching for a screwdriver vs. turning the
starter on a forklift. If I wanted just to render the file viewable as plain
text, there is always DELTAGS in .U2, or a couple freeware mini-editors for OS/2
(what I run most of the time) that can do the same thing. But they won't display
the HTML in a wysiwyg fashion. Actually editing HTML is quite a far piece down
the road for me at this point, but I guess that would be a bonus later on.

If Notetab is an appropriate solution, where should I look for it ?