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Re: Ignorant keyboard question

** Reply to message from "Yo Intl."  on Fri, 12 Jan
2001 10:58:05 +0900


Do you use Stack? If so, it would be simple to pre-Stack, via
STARTUP.INT Macros, the names of all your favorite files, wherever
they may be, so that they show up at the top of the stack. That's
what I do with all my "Favo[u]rite Files". Then I CAll them with a
hint (I don't need to remember the directory structure). E.g., to
make "ca g:\xy4\docs\personal\notebook.xy" pop onto the CMline, I
clear the CMline and just put "not" (or any other sub$tring of
"notebook") there, then hit my hint key, and the entire spec "ca
g:\xy4\etc..." is plucked from the stack & appears on the CMline, at
which I hit XC. Also, all your favorites would be grouped in a block
within the stack, so you could just scroll through them at will.

It's easy to pre-Stack; I would enter this in STARTUP.INT (where I
have about 20 lines that follow this format, all favorite files):
[func $S];*;
 ^ dedicated Stack Save/Get 627
     ^ Ascii-190, the Stack delimiter/punctuation character
      ^ "M" announces that this is a "M"acro
       ^ CAll spec (the Macro itself)
                         ^ func $S, the
dedicated Stack function call, which actually loads the Macro onto
the stack

I'll attach my STARTUP.INT, to show how this is done.

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