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1980 Date in DIR list for XY3+

On 4-JAN-1996 04:59:13.5 xywrite said to LESLIE319
  >The new year has brought a new problem: the DA command gets me a 96
  >date; the TODAY command gets me a 96 date (both obv. within copy). The
  >OS2Warp clock has the correct date. If I type ``DATE'' in MS-DOS, I
  >get 1996 dates. But when I do a DIR in XY3+ and look at the date for
  >when a file was last stored, it reads the correct month and day, but
  >'80 sted '96. Given that everything else is on real time, I cannot
  >figure out where this 1980 is coming from.
  >Am I missing something obvious? Has this happened to anyone else?
  >Richard T. Pienciak

I have encountered no such problems. I just tested it.

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