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Re: 1980 Date in DIR list for XY3+: PART 2


I just dusted off my copy of XyWrite 3.57 and found it to give accurate
dates when running under Windows 3.1, both as a full-windowed DOS program
(w/ PIF file) and from the command line in a DOS window.

As a future OS/2 Warper, I shudder to think of the possibility that vintage
XyWrite code does not run properly in OS/2. Anyone else?

Doug Beeson
From: nsivin
To: xywrite
Subject: Re: 1980 Date in DIR list for XY3+: PART 2
Date: January 4, 1996 15:38

On Thu, 04 Jan 96 04:58:48 EST you wrote:

>The new year has brought a new problem: the DA command gets me a 96 date;
>the TODAY command gets me a 96 date (both obv. within copy). The OS2Warp
>clock has the correct date. If I type ``DATE'' in MS-DOS, I get 1996 dates.
>But when I do a DIR in XY3+ and look at the date for when a file was
>last stored, it reads the correct month and day, but '80 sted '96.
>Given that everything else is on real time, I cannot figure out
>where this 1980 is coming from.
>Am I missing something obvious? Has this happened to anyone else?
>Richard T. Pienciak
Upon investigation, I have an update to my problem: it seems that XY3+ is
on a 16-yr calendar (at least mine is). the CQ 16-yr period is 1980 to 1995.
>From 1996 upward, the years follow from 1980 upward, i.e. 1996 is 1980,
1997 is 1981, 2000 is 1984, 2011 is 1995. Then it will reset in 2012 to

In the other direction, the four years immediately prior to 1980 are 1976 as
1977 as 1981, 1978 as 82, and 1979 as 1983. Then 1980 sets correctly.

Prior to 1976, the years are again in a 16-yr cycle, from 1980 to 1995.
1944 is 1980 up to 1959 which sets as 1995. Then 1960 resets to 1980,
and works through to 1975 as 1995. Then 1976 goes to 1980 as
described above.

So any date will reset to one within the 16-yr cycle.

I accept that XY3 has been around a while, but does it
expire? I don't accept that. It is so difficult to find software that
fulfills. Why should it end this way?

BTW, I do have XY4 and messed around with it when I first put it on my
I stayed with XY3 however, because I was used to it and because of
a deadline I didn't have the time to transfer my customized keybrd,
reset the color tables, worry about any bugs, learn the differences
between XY3 and XY4, lose my comfort zone, etc.
Once again I am (still) on a deadline and would prefer not to have to switch
while under deadline constraints.

Is there a way around this 16-yr cycle? And isn't there anyone else
out there using XY3+? Finally, in the event I cannot solve this,
is there an archived file anywhere that debates pros and cons of
XY3+ vs. XY4? Are there any parts of XY4 that are problematic?

Thanks in advance.

Richard T. Pienciak