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1980 Date in DIR List for XY3+

Thanks for all interest in the 1980-date bug problem. I've decided to
compile a list of the problem versions. The posting from Technology
Group appears close, but it not correct. Problem is NOT confined to
versions ``prior to 3.52'' and not everything prior to that version
has the problem.

Seaver reports			3.12 is OK.
????				??
Sioles; OKAnnie			3.52 is OK (1987)
Pienciak			3.53 BUG (1988)
Ed Cray			3.54 BUG (1988)
????				3.55 ????????
OKAnnie			3.56 is OK
OKAnnie; Douglas Beeson	3.57 is OK

Anyone using anything between 3.12 and 3.52?
Anyone using 3.55?
Awaiting email from others who have the problem but did not specify
version they are using.

Is the bug in EDITOR.EXE or keyboard file or printer file or elsewhere?

Richard T. Pienciak