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He excuses for my English, during the life that I go with the Computer I have used XYWRITE's version 3 Spanish to realize my juridical writings, it has not changed me to other programs as the word, auque have the útimas versions, because I was looking alike more rapid and better.
Nevertheless he was thinking of emigrating for the hadware until I knew to
your group and especially to Manuel Castelao who has helped me put a day
with this xy4 that you have adapted that is a marvel.
Nevertheless I roll on XP, and use enough the PAPER CLIP, and do not know
that it(he,she) happens(passes) that only it allows to copy a small quantity
of information, in spite of it it(he,she) is of great usefulness(utility)
and is a marvel.
What passes is that sometimes I have to divide the documents in three parts
them to go on to the mail.
Garacias for everything and indeed it is astonishes the created xy

An embrace

Jesus Sanza


Spain (Basque Country)

Estimado Robert:
Perdona por mi Inglés, durante la vida que llevo con el Ordenador he utilizado la versión de XYWRITE 3 española para realizar mis escritos jurídicos, no me ha cambiado a otros programas como el word, auque tengo las útimas versiones, porque me parecía más rápido y mejor. No obstante estaba pensando en emigrar por el hadware hasta que conocí a vuestro grupo y sobre todo a Manuel Castelao que me ha ayudado a ponerme al día con ese xy4 que habéis adaptado que es una maravilla. No obstante yo ruedo sobre XP, y uso bastante el CLIP, y no sé que pasa que sólo permite copiar una pequeña cantidad de datos, a pesar de ello es de gran utilidad y es una maravilla. Lo que pasa es que a veces tengo que dividir los documentos en tres partes para pasarlos al correo.
Garacias por todo y de verdad es un maravilla el xy quehabeis creado.
Un abrazo
Jesús Sanza
España (Pais Vasco)
----- Original Message ----- From: "Robert Holmgren"
Sent: Friday, December 02, 2005 9:00 PM
Subject: Re: new computer with large hard drive
** Reply to message from Wendell Cochran  on Fri, 2 Dec
03:45:59 -0800
> Dual booting is extremely tempting but altogether tricky. Not
> something I recommend, candidly, on your workhorse machine.
Surprise & consternation! In the Linux world, dual booting is
extremely common, & problems with boot loaders seldom come up in
mailing lists.

I'm *only* talking about dual-booting 9x and NT Windows. I've dual-booted
non-Windows for years, and no problems (at least, not until OS/2's Logical
Volume Manager rolled in). But boot loaders can and do get messed up.
Cylinder 0 Sector 63 is the MBR; non-Windows OSes can mess with it, and render
Windows unbootable. I concede, I may be overly pessimistic here; I am
constantly messing with operating systems, repartitioning, resizing logical drives, etc etc, and I have problems (or would, if I hadn't learned how to work around them). If you NEVER tinker with any of that, and you install in the right order to begin with, the issue might never arise. But it can and does arise if, for example, one of your OSes fails and you need to fix it from a boot diskette or CD. Or if your partitioning tool doesn't understand that you
are multi-booting and rewrites the wrong MBR data.
I still contend that the two-computer solution is a much better option. You
can have concurrency in two environments. You can communicate between
machines. And most important, when one machine has a problem, you can Google
the fix with the other machine. Rebooting all the time to switch OSes is
ridiculous. If you really do need two operating systems, then you probably
need them all the time.

Robert Holmgren