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RE: Anyone else needing this U2 updater?

Reply to note from "Harry Binswanger"  Sat, 31 Dec
2016 14:10:29 -0500


> What you recommend is the yang of my yin.

True, to a point. I was objecting to two things -- well, actually,
three: The need to put the new XYWWWEB.U2 in a specially-named and
-located directory. The futzing around with intermediate filenames
(new.u2, MYFRAMES.U2). The need to add special strings (MyFramesStart,
MyFramesEnd) to demarcate personal frames. Too much complication for a
simple copy-and-paste operation.

My way requires two filenames (not three): HB.U2 (or whatever you
choose to call your U2 file) and XYWWWEB.U2. The new XYWWWEB.U2 stays
in the directory where God intended it to be -- Editor's directory. And
there's no need to prep your U2 with special boundary strings. Just
download U2 (U2DL), unzip it into Editor's dir, and RUN
UPDATEU2.PM. And it takes 75% less code to accomplish the task.

I have one other recommendation. If you're constantly tinkering with
U2, it's safer to edit a *copy* of your U2 file rather than the loaded
file itself. This requires an extra step when you reload U2, but it's
worth it: LOAD DUMMY.U2; ==> COPY/NV EDITABLE.U2 HB.U2 <== ;

Alternatively, if none of your framenames clash with U2 names, have you
considered moving yours into a *U1* file? All you'd have to do is
change JM calls to your frames from JM 2.hbfooQ2 to JM 1.hbfooQ2 (while
calls to U2 framenames would stay as JM 2.framenameQ2 ). You'd also
have to add a trapname frame at the end of U2 that redirects non-U2
framenames frames to U1, so that you could still use  to
launch your frames:

b-gin [UNTITLED]
{123}{123}5*{125}{125} Trapname to redirect to U2[cr|lf]{002}{<}

That's a way of looking out for Number One, while using U2 too.

Carl Distefano