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Did you look into 22disk? Check out http://www.gaby.de/ecconver.htm
among others--there's a 'ton' of stuff on the net related to your
problem. After just a few "Googles", it looks to me like you can do
what you want to do with just your disks and a PC with Dos, a 5.25
floppy, and the right software (e.g., 22disk ???)


L Anderson

"R. E. Stannard Jr." wrote:
> Tnx for the responses so far on converting CPM to DOS. I've found a site
> that meantions UNIFORM and other conversion possibilities. A lot was over
> my head and intended for queries better equipped than I, but I may find
> something. Having a Kaypro WOULD give me the requisite 5.25 drive, but how
> that could be patched to a contemporary desktop is unclear. Someone
> referred to a "nul modem" for Kaypro, but said at 300 baud it wouldn't be
> useful. I don't know just what that means, or why. But I felt out of my
> depth. Anyway, it begins to sound as if two KAYPROS at any price would
> just be giant paperweights.... too bad....
>           Ted Stannard
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