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> > Need some advice aimed at the semicyberliterate:
> > My late father left his memoirs on 5.5-inch floppies written in
> > wordstar on KYPRO II in the days of CPM. I work in XYWin on a Win98
> > desktop or on a Win95 Canon Notejet laptop/printer. Having those old
> > disks converted is likly costly at best. I have a chance to buy for
> > next to nothing an old Kaypro II and a companion Kaypro 10 and gobs
> > of software and manuals. Both machines boot, the seller tells me. I
> > would be buying ONLY for this purpose. And a minor fringe benefit of
> > being able to read some of my own leftover disks done on a Kaypro II
> > back in the mid-80s.

If you like, you can have someone else do it for you. Have a look,
for example, at the following website.


All you do is send your disks and they convert to various formats
including rtf and xywrite.

Best regards,

Bill TeBrake
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