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Re: Ignorant XY-Win questions


>to any inquiry like yours a list of important hardware and software >that might be pertinent to the problem, such as Umm... I didn't think my XY-Win problems were hardware related, since they only occur with XY-Win operations.

Problem is I don't really know the specs... I am a user, not a techie. This contraption here was custom-built by an engineer friend, so there isn't really one single manual to look up in, either. Let me just fill in what I know >Computer one of a kind >CPU DX4-100 >RAM 36 MB >HDD 1.2 GB >Swap File ? >Cache ? >CD-ROM ? >Modem Suprafax >Comm software Faxtalk, Commit, Procomm >Printer None (this one only prints to fax) >DOS 6.2 >Windows WFW 3.11 and Win95 (in a separate partition, strictly for observation purposes) >Memory Mgmt. ? -- Rene