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Re: XyWrite in a big CRT monitor

≪ I am now using a 21" inch monitor and, obviously, the XyWrite text
 screen is very big. I can see the pixels and the matrix of the character
 very clearly, too clearly for my taste. I have attempted different
 default settings (like eg=2 and so on) but the 43 or 50 lines screens
 are ugly. Any suggestions for achieving a more comfortable vision?
 Manuel Castelao ≫

Assuming you are running this in Windows, set up a desktop "shortcut" and
adjust Properties/Screen/Usage to "Window" using the "Default" size (You may
already be doing this). Then increase your screen resolution to something
HIGHER than 800 x 600. (Unless your vision is severely weak, you don't want
lower resolution settings on a 21" monitor.) This should force XyWrite to
run in a window that is closer to the size you're accustomed to seeing. It
may take further experimentation to get the results you want, but once you've
got it, you've got it.

Jeff Seager