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Re: XyWrite in a big CRT monitor

fenda@xxxxxx wrote:

> I am now using a 21" inch monitor and, obviously, the XyWrite text
> screen is very big. I can see the pixels and the matrix of the character
> very clearly, too clearly for my taste. I have attempted different
> default settings (like eg=2 and so on) but the 43 or 50 lines screens
> are ugly. Any suggestions for achieving a more comfortable vision?
> Manuel Castelao


I've been using a 21-incher for the last 2 or 3 years, and noticed no such
problem with
the character display. Tell us what hardware you are using (incl. video
card), what opsys,
and what ver. of Xy. I tend to doubt that our respective thresholds of what
looks acceptable
differs that radically (although it may well be that I sit a good deal
farther from my screen
than you do from yours . . . ), so am leaning towards other variables.