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XY vs. NB, was Re: Can I install Xywrite

Yes, but I cannot work comfortably in NB, which I purchased last
September. However I will keep supporting it, though all my work is
done in XY for DOS. Now 4.018 with Carl's help.

I have found it easier to save a file as a Word document in XY4 to
convert to Word, than to go through NB. I do my fancy printing that way
(and convert files for clients). For plain text, writing, indexes, etc.
the HP Injet 842c I bought last January works fine with the HP printer
files provided by Carl.

Thanks again, Carl! And Happy New Year to all.


--- Leslie Bialler  wrote:
>I guess, NB is
> > the XY of the future.
> Danged if it ain't the only law in town these days.

Lisa Kleinholz
Dancing with Mr. D, Avon

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