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v3 workarounds [was RE: IS XW A DO]

≪I thought everyone could do [multiple wildcard s&rs] in 3.5. What's the
problem? I suppose you'll next tell me that you haven't figured a way
past the 64K move limit in 3.5.≫ --Chet

≪Wouldn't simply posting the code--if it exists--be more useful?≫ --me

≪Your charming "if it exists" is sufficient not to post it.≫ --Chet

Chet: I edited out the snotty part.  Thanks for the further
explanation--although I think it a bit unfair to others who asked for
clarification for you to use my impatience as a reason to withhold the
code from them. And your remedy for the v3.5 64k move limit?

v4 solutions to these v3 limits don't render v3 work-arounds irrelevant.
Folks have various reasons for continuing to use v3 even when we have v4
installed. Shutting down v3 and loading v4 to do one wildcard ci or move
a large block is counterproductive if one then must unload and reload
again to use v3 xpl that hasn't been ported to v4. ... Ciao. 	--a

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