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Reply to note from listproc@xxxxxxxx Thu, 24 Jul 2003
09:11:47 EDT

The following was received from a long-time XyWrite user who has
just signed on to the list:

- - - - -
I have a 1991 IBM PS 286, equipped with
Xywrite. I am looking for a newer (probably still
used) computer, but I want to keep using Xywrite,
because 1) I have a lot of writing already in it,
which I don't want to have to retype 2) I like Xywrite
over Microsoft Word as a writing program. I like the
blank screen with a ruler at the top, of Xywrite,
rather than a screen cluttered with distraction.
I need to know what kind of computer can read my
1991-version Xywrite discs, and print from them, and
run either that 1991 Xywrite or an updated Xywrite if
I can get one, that still has a mostly-blank screen.
This would also be a computer capable of Internet
access and email (which my 1991 IBM PS 286 is not). I
would like to get a (used) laser printer to go with
Would an IBM 486 work? Would a Pentium 2 or 3?

Where do I find answers to these questions?? Can you
direct me, where to look?
Thank you.

Kathryn Stout
- - - - -

Carl Distefano